25 June 2008

here kitty kitty

i'm not really joking when i tell people that it's my ambition to be one of those crazy old maids with a house full of cats. despite the fact that i'm not a recluse and, in fact, there are some people i quite like, there is just something about the company of cats that soothes and pleases me in a way that other people just can't seem to manage.

i find everything about the whole family fascinating (and i'm not the only one).

a few interesting cat facts you might not know:

cats are the closest thing to being a "pure" carnivore mammal. (incidentally, this is why you should never, ever, attempt to feed a domestic cat on dog food. they'll become anemic in no time and will eventually go blind.)

female cats can mate with and conceive by more than one male when they are in heat. that means that kittens born in the same litter can have different fathers.

cats, even small ones, have 245 bones in their bodies (humans, by comparison, have 206). what looks like a complex yoga pose to you is perfectly comfortable for them.

most adult male cats are lactose intolerant.

cat urine glows under black light.

most animals become weaker, pound for pound, the larger they get. cats don't. think of what that means about the strength of an 800-lb tiger the next time you're play-fighting with 8-lb fluffy. for your thigh muscles to be as strong as a domestic cats, they'd need to be about the same circumference as your waist (assuming they were almost all muscle, not fat).

23 June 2008

21 June 2008

red tide

i can't imagine what this does to the property values of beachfront locations in the area.


i've spent the last weeks, even the last months, preparing for my move back to montreal. however, as always happens, there still seems to be a lot left to do.

one of the things that i've noticed as i pack is just how much CRAP i accumulate. i don't think this is unique to me, but it's something i'm going to try to keep in mind the next time i take people's business cards, or flyers, or menus, or some interesting-looking object catches my eye. i want to try to picture everything that comes into my possession as an object that i will one day have to pack and move or throw out.

i have a feeling that objects will seem less important when viewed in that way...
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