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she works hard for the un-money
having glanced at this today, 5 february 2015, i realised that it was woefully out of date, which is why i'm going to start indicating when it was last updated right here at the top of the page. so if you're reading this in early 2015, it's probably cool. if you're reading this in 3015, you're probably living in a strange, post-apocalyptic world of robots and zombies, so this might give you an idea of how we used to think in olden times. well, how some of us used to think. how i used to think. this space is really only about me and in 3015 i plan on being dead.

i'm kate macdonald and this is my personal space. it's my little place on the internet where i can and do write about anything that strikes my fancy. 2015 will mark the blog's tenth anniversary. it's morphed a great deal during that time, as has the world around it.

i'm told that proper bloggers choose one topic as a focus and only occasionally deviate from it. that strikes me as terrifying, since i'm easily bored and eternally curious, which means that i'd have to maintain about seven blogs if i wanted to cover all the topics that really interest me. but it's much easier if i just put everything here and give you the thrill of sifting through it. [i have, however, provided helpful tags if you'd prefer to stick to one topic. the tags are your friends, keeping you securely on the path that led you here.]

my principal joy in life comes from writing and has since i was five years old and wrote a story about a horse named chestnut imaginatively titled "chestnut's life". chestnut was a pretty spirited horse and eventually his owners bought him a girlfriend named radish [who was supposed to be sort of a deep reddish colour and... christ, i was five, ok?]. at the end of the story, he knocks radish up and they have a colt and he's really, really overwhelmed with how happy his life is. unfortunately, that is a lost classic.

i don't write about horses any more, but i have never stopped writing. often[ish], i will drop things i've written on here, in their rawest form. part of this is driven by the fact that i've had a few accidents that have resulted in lost writing, so i like to think that the trappings of my toil are somewhere protected from me and my literature-destroying clutches. i also figure that if i'm writing a blog that's supposed to encompass all the crap that's in my head, that accounts for a fair bit of it.

i maintain pages [actually maintain them, not ignore them for years] with links to posts for my short stories and random fiction bits and for my poetry.

i also started writing a serial called a definable moment in time, which you can read here [part 1] and here [part 2]. the project is dormant at the moment, but that doesn't mean it's dead. it really isn't.

if you like what you read, you can always support me by buying a copy of my book, which is a collection of my short stories that came out in 2009.

examples of my fiction writing are available online in the archives of paraphilia magazine. you can also find bits of my journalistic work there- mostly talking to musicians and other noisemakers.

a couple of years ago, i decided i'd try to write a script to impress my film-nut fiancé. we got a little carried away and we made a feature film. this is something we did ourselves in order to make the film the way that we wanted it and, if i do say so myself, it looks pretty professional for something that had basically no funding. it's available for streaming or download here.

i also do amateur photography and have made a few experimental short films. you can find links to posts of my visual art projects right here

i spend too much time and money on cosmetics and i write about that too.

i've a lot of opinions on politics and social issues which get spread like bird droppings through all parts of the blog. i'm particularly interested in issues to do with mental health and i write about those on mondays.

last year [2014], i also started a series called "world wide wednesdays", which takes a look at different groups or areas of the world that we don't hear enough about, or about which we don't get proper information.

i'm a huge music fan and dj under the name dj kali, which i have used for almost two decades. [it depresses me just to type that.] there are a lot of different types of music i like and have liked, a lot of which gets labeled as "non-music" on discogs. so i'm into a lot of music that isn't music. and a lot of stuff that is. i occasionally do profiles of labels or artists or movements or other musical things and i'll occasionally talk about things i'm listening to a lot at a given time, but i don't do music reviews anymore.

i'm a fan of soccer [real football, as in where you use your feet] and write about that sometimes too. i'm specifically a fan of swansea city and arsenal, which helps me keep my perpetually low blood pressure up. back in 2006, i established a tradition called "eat the cup", which combines the world cup and cooking, because cooking is sort of a thing with me too.

dom is my fiancé. he is a video artist and works with a number of music acts. you can see all of his video work here. he took that picture of me at the top of this page.

i'm an inveterate crazy cat lady. i currently have five feline children- three boys and two girls- and i regularly post pictures of them, because they are awesome.

i have a serious thing for shoes, particularly ones made by john fluevog. i'm a supporter of a lot of local designers and i often link their sites under the "body" section of my links.

speaking of links, you can find ones to the official more like space facebook page, along with my various social media accounts, on the blog home page.

and since you've made it this far, perhaps i could interest you in making a donation to support the more like space cause

thanks for reading. i appreciate it. and, for once, i'm not being sarcastic.
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